by Georgia Ray



You opened up my eyes, for the first time, I know that I don't need to hide anymore. Never known what it's like to have someone by my side who makes me so damn shy. There's so much I wanna say, I'm sure I'll tell you someday, but I'm scared you'll change your mind, you won't wanna see me again, and I'll say ''it's fine, I'll try to move on with my life.''

Can't believe you were right there all this time in front of my eyes and I never even cared. Guess I must have been too blinded, someone like me, so naive and narrow-minded, I couldn't see.

I just wanna know what's on your mind. I just really hope that I can find myself again.

And I'll say it's fine, but it's not fine.


released May 7, 2013
Thanks to my bro Kyle for producing this song!



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Georgia Ray Melbourne, Australia

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